BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Pop-up staff reminders

Many people ask us, "I'm looking for a way to get notifications about 15 minutes prior to my client's appointment. Is this possible?"

Yes! However the BookedIN app itself doesn't have a setting for this, but the good news is, this is easy to set up using a synced calendar! 

The way it works, you'll sync BookedIN to your personal calendar (Google, iCloud, Outlook, etc). Then you set your personal calendar to show pop up reminders. Ex 5-10 minutes prior to the appointment. Here are instructions: 

  1. First, Sync BookedIN to your personal calendar (ex. Google, iCloud, Outlook, Office365, Exchange). Setup instructions here
  2. Then on your personal calendar, set up a pop up alert. Instructions below for the popular calendar types:


Settings app > Calendars > Default Alert Times > Events > then check your preferred alert time, ex "15 minutes before"


Settings > Applications > Calendar > Scroll to find "Event Notifications". Now make sure Select Alert Type is set to either "pop up" or "Status bar". Then choose your sound, vibration & snooze preferences. 

Google desktop: 

Click gear icon (top-right) > Settings > Click "Calendars" tab (beside General) > click "Edit Notifications" link beside your calendar name (the one you have synced with BookedIN) > Then add or remove notifications beside the "By default notifiy me via" section. Ex. 10 minutes before. 


Go to preferences > Calendar > Calendar Options > Check "Default reminder" and set to your desired time, ex "10 minutes before"